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For Experienced Agents


If you are looking for ways to expand your existing product line, seeking work-life balance or looking to maximize your career potential, we encourage you to consider a range of career opportunities with us. You will be provided with a diverse portfolio of products and services and be backed by our commitment to your personal and professional development.

Products & Services

We work closely with Ash Brokerage and Crump, which allow hands-on expertise through consultative approaches  to product solutions, concept evaluation, underwriting negotiation, business development and partnerships with more than 80 insurance carriers. This allows us access to competitively priced products available, including insurance and investment products for individuals, families and businesses. Retirement services for institutional investors and corporate, union, nonprofit and governmental employees’ defined benefit, defined contribution and non-qualified deferred compensation plans are also among the products and services we provide.

Practice Management Education

Building and expanding your practice the way you want to is not possible unless you effectively manage your practice by consistently attaining industry knowledge. We offer a range of lifetime learning opportunities including customized training and educational learning. Extensive training is given on the LEAP process, Wealth Building Cornerstones,WIM software, and echoWealth. We also deliver comprehensive Advanced Planning training classes, in addition to other topics such as strategy building and tactics.

The knowledge and experience that you bring are valued and we are committed to providing you with a strong foundation for professional and personal growth. Leadership opportunities are available and you are provided with numerous Continuing Education and professional development resources, including tuition reimbursement, training workshops and professional skill seminars.

Supporting Your Business

Transitioning existing business is always a daunting thought when making a change in firms. Our robust agency support staff executes a seamless onboarding process from timely licensing and contracting to supporting your client accounts. Our dedicated underwriting coordinators ensure thorough processing of your new business allowing you to focus on getting in front of more people and expanding your practice. In supporting your business, we recognize the value of creating strategic alliances with attorneys, CPAs, and other trusted advisors. To this end, we contribute to the creation of these alliances that will get you not only more referrals, but also more business.

Commitment to Diversity

Our inclusive work environment capitalizes on the talents and contributions of everyone. We understand the importance of a diverse range of skills and ideas, and encourage those within our agency to share in this understanding.

Within this work environment, our impressive array of talented producers and staff enables us to provide exceptional service to our continually expanding, diverse client base.

Our commitment to diversity is good for our agency and is good for business. The strong growth of our business, ongoing development of new systems and ideas, and expansion into new markets is dependent on the inclusive work environment we maintain.